Celebrating Deepawali


  • Start Date:30-10-2016
  • End Date:30-10-2016
  • Start Time:
  • End Time:
  • Location:Swami Narayan Mandir Karachi.


  • Organized by:Anchal Social Welfare Organization Sindh
  • Mobile:
  • Email:info@anchalsindh.com
  • Website:http://www.anchalsindh.com
  • Address:

Celebrating Deepawali 2016
Sunday October 30, 2016 at Swami Narayan Mandir, Karachi.
Organised by SPO & Unicef in collaboration with Peace & Development Organisation (PDO) .
Taqweem e Pakistan,Anchal. social welfare Organization Sindh & UMID.Also participate many members of civil society of Karachi .we are alltogether to spread the message of love and happiness of Diwali .HAPPY DIWALI